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Care for Your Jewelry







  At we have extensive knowledge on the proper techniques for you to care for your diamond jewelry and precious gems. There are simple precautions you can take in order to preserve your diamond engagement rings, and diamond jewels, to avoid problems that may arise from improper storage, heat and light exposure.


  • Jewelry and diamond rings  should be stored separately to avoid scratches and damage. It is best to store your  diamond jewelry and engagement rings  in a jewelry box or in individual cases/pouches.


  • Avoid storing pearls in plastic bags, as the lack of moisture will cause the pearl to dry out and decay.


  • Store jewelry and diamonds  out of the sunlight as light and heat may cause them to fade or
    even crack.


  • Keep silver away from sulfurous metals to prevent tarnish and store in an airtight bag to prevent air from coming into contact with the metal.


  • Clean earring wires regularly in rubbing alcohol.


  • Grease can be easily removed from gold jewelry and platinum by dipping it in rubbing alcohol.


  • After each wearing, gently wipe pearls with a soft cloth to remove body oils and perfume.


  • For ring sizing you should always remember to tell your jeweler that your diamond is enhanced so the enhancement is not removed.