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Our Lifetime Guarantee offers a free lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on all of our fine jewelry.  If your merchandise is damaged due to a manufacturer defect, will repair or replace the item without charge.

Made from just one element (carbon), diamonds are the hardest of all the gems. Nothing will scratch a diamond except another diamond. Of course, they can be damaged -- with heart-shaped stones and styles with pointed corners being most vulnerable to chipping.

However, diamonds have already gone through an incredibly demanding process of grinding, cutting and polishing before you see them, and it’s unlikely that normal wear will cause any damage.

What may be news is that clarity enhanced diamonds are no exception. With clarity enhanced diamonds, the durability of the stone remains the same with a lifespan that lasts for years.

The only proviso is that extreme heat (over 570 degrees Fahrenheit) should never be applied to a clarity enhanced diamond. This means that if you are having it set, you’ll need to make sure your jeweler knows that the stone has been clarity enhanced.

Remember that the enhancement process itself was developed more than 30 years ago. It has a long history of reliability and is considered a stable treatment that does not adversely affect the durability of the enhanced diamond.

Remember too that clarity enhanced diamonds are not color enhanced. That means that the synthetic used to fill the inclusion in the clarity enhancement process cannot change color.

In fact, as long as you ensure that any changes to your diamond’s setting do not include the high heat of a jeweler’s torch, enhanced diamonds don’t even require special care. Normal wear and tear does not harm the enhancement, and you can clean your enhanced diamond as you would any gemstone -- with non-ammonia jewelry cleaner or simply mild soap and water.

Buying your clarity enhanced diamond from a reputable dealer like also goes a long way to ensuring that you’re getting a quality product. We guarantee our diamonds for life and if anything ever changes in the stone - which is highly unlikely - we’ll fix it free of charge. That’s a promise.