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Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Clarity enhanced diamonds are natural diamonds that have had a clarity flaw treated. Almost every diamond contains feathers, which are small internal fractures. They look like tiny white cracks inside the stone. It’s not surprising that the hardest gem in the world contains natural fractures – after all, diamonds are formed by enormous pressure deep within the earth.  Light passing through a diamond hits the feather and reflects in many directions, so it’s easy to see. Once the diamond goes through the clarity enhancement process, however, the targeted flaw is invisible to the naked eye.

TheCheapDiamonds.com is your website for an exclusive collection of clarity enhanced diamonds, EGL and AGI certified diamonds, certified diamond engagement rings, three stone engagement rings and diamond jewelry.

TheCheapDiamonds.com specializes in the manufacturing of fine quality AGI and EGL clarity enhanced and non-enhanced diamonds, diamond stud earrings and diamond jewelry. We have an array of enhanced engagement rings, diamond stud earrings, three stone certified rings, diamond wedding bands and diamond necklaces. We are proud to offer you, through our extensive inventory, a large selection of loose AGI and EGL certified diamonds, including: cushion cuts, asscher cuts, emerald cuts, princess cuts, radiant cuts; as well as round brilliant diamonds.

What separates TheCheapDiamonds.com from other websites is that we are the sole owner of all the EGL and AGI diamonds, enhanced diamonds, diamond wedding bands, diamond jewelry on our website and do not take consignment from other dealers. Most websites take their jewelry and diamonds on consignment from dealers like us and thus we pass the savings on to you!

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